About Me

Based in Tokyo, Yoko Hudspeth is an international artist and the creator of Art by KOKO.  She has a passion for oil painting, pencil and pastel drawing/sketching and applies a sensitive but meticulous approach whatever the format. accepts private commissions from all over the world including the UK, Europe, the US, the Middle East and Australia, for subjects including people, pets and still life, as well as homes.   

Born in the mid-west of Japan, not far from Kyoto, Yoko Hudspeth grew up spending time by the sea and nature’s beautiful rivers and mountains – all of which continue to inspire her to this day.  At 18 she moved to Osaka to study fashion and discovered design, switching her focus to major in textile design and fashion illustration. After gaining her degree, Yoko went on to become a textile designer in Tokyo, utilising her original fashion illustrations for fashion shows and exhibitions.

Whilst working in Tokyo her desire to learn a broader view of design grew.  In 1995 she moved  with a textile design company to London.  Here, she married and after 11 years relocated to Shanghai, where she learned silkscreen hand painting.  After three years in the vibrant and colourful Chinese city, Yoko moved to Singapore where she studied oil painting with a master artist for seven years before returning home to Japan in 2016.

Art by KOKOの創始者であるハツペス陽子は、東京を拠点に活動している国際的なアーチストです。油絵、ペンシル、パステル画に強い情熱を持ち、どのようなフォーマットでも繊細かつ細心のアプローチで描くことをモットーとしています。人物、ペット、静物、建物などのプライベートコミッションを世界中から受けています。


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