How much is it to commission a portrait?
Art by KOKO offers both pencil and oil portraits.
The standard price for a pencil drawing of a single portrait on A3 paper is ¥20,000.
A single portrait with oils on an F8 canvas (455×380) is ¥60,000.
For other bespoke commissions of different sizes please Contact Art by KOKO.
Art by KOKOは、鉛筆とオイルの両方の肖像画を提供しています。 A3サイズの鉛筆画の標準価格は20,000円です。F8キャンバス(455×380mm)油絵の肖像画は60,000円です。異なるサイズの別注手数料については、Art by KOKO に お問い合わせください。

Can I place a commission from overseas?
Yes, I accept international orders. Following a detailed discussion of your requirements, you will be advised on shipping costs; which will depend on the painting size and country of destination.
可能です。ご希望される絵のタイプ、サイズ、お届け先によって輸送コストは異なりますが、お気軽に お問い合わせください。

Can Art by KOKO paint/draw portraits or other subjects from photographs?
I have produced many successful paintings and drawings using photographs. I can advise and provide guidelines for taking high-resolution photographs that can be sent to me on-line.

How long does a commission take?
It depends on the urgency of the commission and my own workload, the size and the object. If you require a painting/drawing for a particular occasion, such as a birthday, we can agree a deadline that gives you plenty time to get it framed.
For standard size portraits, I normally take:
2 weeks for a pencil drawing of a single portrait on A3 paper;
4 weeks for a single portrait with oils on an F8 canvas (455×380).

Can I comment on the final painting/drawing?
In the event you are not completely satisfied, I am happy to discuss the painting/drawing with you and make any necessary adjustments.

How do I commission a painting or drawing?
Simply Contact Art by KOKO
We look forward to hearing from you.
Art by KOKOに直接 ご連絡ください。ご質問なども心よりお待ちしております。 

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